About Me

Entrepreneur ??: I am an entrepreneur since even before I learned the word. My first business was a lemonade stand (no lie).

Sherpa??: After attending a tech school in New York City, I began computer operations and programming. I found that I was a better project analyst than I was a programmer shortly there after.

Foodie?: I used to own a BBQ restaurant and love to cook. As I get older, I am transitioning away from gourmand (I just can’t eat like I used to).

Genealogist?: I have been interested in my ‘roots’ for quite some time but signed up to Ancestry.com over a decade ago.

Cancerian♋️ : My mom was an astrologer since the 60’s – the flower child spirit she was. How can I not acknowledge my inner Moon Child?

Broker? : I have my New Jersey real estate broker’s license. With all the changes in the industry, my tech background is serving me well