Day 42: The Rover

40.970190, -74.096528

I’m starting to get the hang on my personal new world order. I’ve heard “As long as I’m here, it doesn’t matter where here is.” So, as long as I have my bag of tricks – tools ‘n’ tech – I’m all set to continue on this rover life.

One of the things that my current office teaches is “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” Well, I would like to add a codicil: “Change the way you look at people and the way people look at you changes.”

Situated in a mobile office, per se, allows me to interact with my environment that cannot be equaled by sitting in an office all day.

This is not a new idea. However, if you couple it with a new business approach, it’s dynamic and my personal growth is exponential.

I’ve been to London, seen seven wonders. I know to trip is just to falI used to rock it, sometimes I’d roll it. I always knew what it was for.
~ Jimmy Page, Robert Plant from ‘The Rover’ by Led Zeppelin

Other than the physical aspect of roving around is to allow my mind wander a bit. A little creative daydreaming isn’t a bad thing, but one caveat is I have to treat it like a balanced diet: everything in moderation. I have this hunger for thoughts and ideas to a point of obsession so I find that it’s better to spend my ‘daydream calories’ wisely.

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