Day One – My New Office

1 June 2016, 10:01 EDT

40.970190, -74.096528

Since March 13, 2012, I have had a single location for my business digs: my brokerage office. I was fortunate to team up with an agent with 27 more years experience in real estate that I had at the moment – which was zero.

It was a great match: I was technical and she was real estate savvy. We both connect with people well, albeit different ways. I worked alongside her desk on a makeshift printer table. And so it went for the first few months. As one of the agents gave up her desk in the 2.5 person office, I took her place for the next 3 months.

Working in an office for the first time in 9 years gave me structure in a somewhat unstructured business of real estate. Each of the agents are (mostly) friendly rivals. My new partner and I were a 2-person team and the duo concept fit me to a ‘T’.

I learned as I worked and it was a steep curve. The first listing that my partner had was a $2.5 million home in a desirable part of town. The first test of my mettle was when my partner said, “I’m going to Vegas for training for 5 days. I need you to coordinate an invite-only party for luxury agents and brokers. Figure about 50 people. Can you do that?”

I simply said “No problem.” and asked for a budget and some basic details.

Seriously, I thought she was crazy. We were team for only 2 weeks and she’s asking me to do an event at this new listing. I wasn’t totally worried because in a previous life, I owned a restaurant and to do an event for 50 people was a slam-dunk. Only this time, if I screwed something up, there would be some hell to pay.

My partner came back from Vegas, all trained from class and tanned from hanging out at Aria’s pool. In less than 24 hours, the party was on!

As much as I’d like to say about the broker party, it can be summed up in 2 words – home run.

Over 50 showed and no one wanted to leave. The two hour event stretched into three and my partner and I couldn’t have been more pleased. After around 40 showings in two months, the home sold. This set the tone for our new partnership for the next few years.

As I was clearing out my desk and file this morning, I saw some of the original paperwork for that property. My, have things changed since then. The song in my head is ‘Yours Is No Disgrace’ by Yes; it actually should be ‘Perpetual Change’.

That’s life. That’s progress.

So, Day One’s office may be my neighborhood and I am looking forward to what the rest of today has in store for me.

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