Thursday’s Child Vlog – Episode 0: Pilot

It’s Earth Day 2017, we’re in the midst of spring here and  I guess this is like my first crack at some video, some sort of content. I’ve been in this neighborhood now  22 years and although I just saw two cars. I used to kid when people ask you, what’s your neighborhood like? I said it’s the kind of place, because, it’s not exactly a cul-de-sac, but there were more people who are runners, joggers, walkers, and they’re taking their bikes out and strapping up their roller blades and stuff and it’s really like, it’s a quiet place to be.

But, seeing it’s April 23rd , there’s Earth Day stuff going on at the park in the center of town. Everywhere I went, I mean I showed at a couple of houses today and I mean celebrations, it was I think a daffodil exhibit up in town.

For me April 23rd is a little bit different you say because it was 30…38 years ago. Get that right? In ’79 yep, April 23rd, 1979, that I got my first job in technology and it kind of changed my life. I was watching this video, hold on – I got to roll it back, I wasn’t watching videos, I was watching TV. What was it? It was Twilight Zone, that’s what it was.

Twilight Zone, late at night, this was the summer of ‘78 and what happened was, this commercial comes on, it was kind of cheesy, it’s like ‘you want to get into the exciting world of computer programming?

Have you been reading help wanted ads lately? Men and women trained as computer programmers and data processing technicians are in big demand.

The Albert Merrill School can prepare you for an exciting computer career in just six months. All or part of your tuition can be covered by government grants or low-cost loans if you qualify. The starting salaries of Albert Merrill graduates ranged between 10,000 and 14,000.

Call for this free career booklet. Learn how you can train for a computer career only six months. Call 246-7130, 246-7130.

And it was up-and-coming, we knew about computers, but it was like in its infancy. I was like ‘oh man I could do something like that’ they said all you have to do is come in and take a test. Well, wouldn’t you know I did and I got all of the answers right except for two and they said ‘yes, if you want you can be a computer programmer’

Well, long story short, I went from just being a guy who passed a normal aptitude test to seven months later I was graduating on the Ides of March. I’ll tell you more about that another time.

Well, it wasn’t more than just five or six weeks later, I had my first interview, a place in Lodi, New Jersey called Home Decor and I got a job. The funny thing was that yesterday, especially with all the spring stuff going on, everybody’s got spring fever, we’re doing some spring cleaning in the house.

Well, I hadn’t thought about this in forever. One of the first things that they teach you in computer school is flowcharting. Well, in going through the attic, there’s book, it was my flowcharting book. I said ‘oh my goodness here it is, 38 years to today’, well one more day.

38 years and that was like the first thing I did, I said you know what, I got to do a video for it, so I decided to take the plunge. Everybody has an origin story, I know that during the spring, every day it’s like a renewal. I wish they wouldn’t do Earth Day is just one day a year, you see how beautiful it is.

Down one of the streets that I live here, and really been kind of blessed being in such a nice quiet pastoral neighborhood. It’s just like a regular home, post-war home. But you get to do this, like this’s where we live. It doesn’t seem like it’s 15 miles from New York City…this quiet neighborhood. Yes, every day should be Earth Day, it shouldn’t just be once a year.

For me, it’s kind of like this constant renewal thing, so one of my stories begins. I have a lot of them, but this particular one because of Earth Day, I think should have a little bit something more special, that’s where we’ll start.

I’ll see you in the next one.

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